Building Department

From Our Building Commissioner
I would like to remind everyone about having work done by the professionals. When a company offers its services, it's generally a good idea to ask if the company is bonded, licensed, and insured. Oftentimes someone who isn't will be cheaper, but you will have to accept all of the responsibility and liabilities if something bad happens. All companies doing business in the Village are required to be registered. You can call the Village to check if you are unsure.

Before starting a job, you will need to obtain a permit. You or a company cannot start a job without a permit. Permits are required so that you will protect the outcome and investment value of your project to guard against a lawsuit or injury. By working with our inspectors, you will benefit from their knowledge and ensure your project is done right, safely, and will last. After the job is complete, a qualified inspector will come out for the final approval. If you have any questions about a job you are starting, please contact the Village.

Building Department
  • Building permits and inspections are required in the Village of Worth for fences, pools, sheds, driveways, siding, gutters, roof and window replacement, among other remodeling projects.
  • Contractors that work in the Village are required to be licensed.
  • There are building inspectors that will make sure the jobs are being done to code.
  • For your protection, all building ordinances are strictly enforced.
  • A fee is charged to help cover the cost of the inspection.
  • Before starting a project, please contact the Building Department in the Village Hall.
Business Licenses
By Ordinance a license is required to run a business in the Village of Worth. Please contact the Building Department in the Village Hall for information. There is a Licensing and Health Inspector and the ordinance is strictly enforced.