Police Department

Worth Police Department Main Entrance
Mission Statement
We, the members of the Village of Worth Police Department, will strive to protect the members of our community.  

We will work to ensure fair treatment for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnic background.

We are committed to a partnership with those we serve to enable us to better understand and provide for our community's needs.

We, the members of the Worth Police Department, stand dedicated to serving our community!

Please take a few minutes and reach out to a senior, whether it be a parent, aunt/uncle, grandparents, or neighbors and explain to them how easy it is to be taken advantage of. These con artists are professionals and they prey on the seniors. We need your help to stop it!

  • Beware of current IRS scam. Residents are receiving telephone calls regarding fees due and failure to pay will result in jail time.
  • Do not let any strangers in your home.
  • Do not give any information over the phone.
  • Do not send any money to anyone that requests it, unless you have confirmed who they are.
  • Do not allow anyone to pressure you, even if they threaten you with collection agencies or even arrest, this is usually a scam.
  • Do not believe anyone who says they are the IRS and you owe money.
  • Do not believe anyone who says that your relatives are in jail or in the hospital and need money, this is usually a scam.
  • The lottery will not call you and tell you that you have won, and they won't ask you to send money.
If you have questions, always call the Worth Police Department at (708) 448-3979.


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