Door to Door Scams

Door to door solicitors must have a permit (PDF) and be registered with the Police Department.

Home Repair Scams
Patrol has taken reports from citizens of suspicious persons that come to their door and advise of needed home repairs. There are 2 common scams, the driveway scam and the roof scam. In the driveway scam, homeowners are advised that their driveway is in need of seal coating. After an exchange of funds, the driveway is either painted black or coated with roofing oil, which does not protect your driveway. In the roof scam, homeowners are advised they need roof work to not void a previous work warranty or leaks of some kind. Several different crimes are possible here. In some cases homeowners can be billed for undone work, or in other cases the worker takes up the homeowner's concentration and another criminal enters the home and burglarizes it during the scam. This scam is mostly tried on the elderly.

All Contractors & Business Must Be Licensed & Bonded
If workers come to your home and advise you that you need repairs, request to see their license to work in the Village of Worth. All contractors and businesses that operate in the village must be licensed and bonded. Do not hesitate to call police for assistance when confronted at your home by "business" men who try to hard sell you into something. Do not do business with unlicensed companies or workers. If the contractor fails to repair damage caused by them, the $10,000 bond can be used. If the contractor is not licensed and bonded, then you forfeit that ability to have the Village of Worth assist you with a problem with that contractor. In addition, hiring non licensed and bonded contractors may result in citations being issued.

Do Not Open Your Door to  Anyone You Don't Know
If they claim to be the police, call 911 to verify that officer's identity. All Village of Worth Water Department and Public Works employees have identification badges indicating their identity and position.

Gas Inspectors
It was brought to our attention that an individual claiming to be a gas inspector arrived on the scene of a motor vehicle accident involving a building and attempted to inspect the damage to the gas lines. Call the police if a village employee or inspector cannot produce the appropriate identification.