Photo Enforcement

Automated Traffic Enforcement Program

The Village of Worth uses photo enforcement for red light violations at the following locations:

  • Northbound Harlem Avenue at 111th Street
  • Westbound 111th Street at Harlem Avenue
  • Northbound Harlem Avenue at Southwest Highway
  • Southwest-bound Southwest Highway at Harlem Avenue

The Village began operating red light enforcement cameras at the above intersections in June 2008. The intersections are identified as “Red Light Photo Enforced” through signage.

Red Light Running Program Information Sheet

Red Light Photo Enforcement Sign
Program Objectives
The Village has 3 main objectives for implementing the program:
  • To reduce the number of injury crashes resulting from right angle and turning collisions
  • Reduce the total number of crashes at an intersection overall
  • Reduce the number of Red Light Violations at the selected intersections.
Citations will be issued to motorists who run red lights without stopping or fail to come to a complete stop before turning right on red. Motorists turning right on red are obligated to come to the complete stop, to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks, and yield to vehicles proceeding through the intersection by way of a green signal. State law mandates motorists stop before the white lined crosswalks, yield and only proceed when safe and permitted to do so.

Motorists will not be cited if:
  • The motorist enters an intersection on a green or yellow light which turns red before they have a chance to make a left turn.
  • The vehicle was yielding to an emergency vehicle or lawfully participating in a funeral procession.