Chipper Service

Chipper Service Information

Chipper service is performed on specific days, depending on which areas of Worth you live in. The following rules apply:
  • Chipper service is provided for residential tree trimming or pruning only.
  • Tree branches to be picked up may not be put out prior to 6:00 p.m. the night before your designated date.
  • The amount of tree branch material is limited to 1/2 the width of your property. If you exceed this amount, only your allotted amount will be picked up. The remaining branches must be removed from your yard until the next pick up date.
  • Branches presented for pick up should be cut between 4-6 feet long and 5 inches in diameter. Please no vines or vine like materials. Branches larger than 5 inches in diameter must be cut into logs 18" - 24" long.
  • No piles with foreign objects will be accepted for pick up. (These types of piles can damage our equipment and injure personnel.)
  • Branches shall be placed with cut ends facing towards the street and neatly stacked.
  • No pick up will be considered for full or complete trees.
  • Trees cut by contractor must be removed in its entirety.
    • If branches are cut 48” in length and placed in garbage container, the scavenger service will pick them up on a weekly basis. Yard waste stickers are available at the Village Hall.
  • Emergency removal will take place after a damaging storm

The first date of each month is a Monday, last a Friday. They are full weeks, "holiday free." If holiday falls on 1st week of the month, service is moved to following "full week."  Printable Schedule
Chipper Schedule Map