Freedom of Information Act

The Village of Worth complies with the standards set by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is the policy of the Village of Worth to fill all requests for public documents. Please see our written policy regarding Freedom of Information requests (PDF). Also, please see our list of records available for request (PDF).

The Village of Worth will respond to the above request within 5 working days from the date of receipt.

The public has a right to information produced by their government with certain privacy limitations (5ILCS 140/1). Some information may be denied.

FOIA Officers:

Anna Aguilar, Nicole Daly, Justine Hehl, Tina Krueger, Amy Lewis, Bonnie Price, Lisa Ratajczak

Online Resources

See if the document you need is online.

Schedule for Duplication of Public Records

Copied public records may be mailed certified for a fee.

Copying Fees

  • Black and white letter or legal sized copies first 50 pages free
  • After 50 pages black and white letter or legal sized 15 cents per page
  • Copies in color or in a size other than letter or legal sized will be actual cost for reproducing the records

Electronic Format

  • The actual cost of purchasing the recording medium, disc, diskette, tape, or other medium