Water Department

Public Works/Water and Sewer Department provides service to 11,300 people in population.  We are responsible for the delivery of 265 million gallons of drinking water annually to 2800 properties.
The department operates and maintains more than 65 lane miles of village owned streets. 35 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 446 fire hydrants, 40 miles of potable water mains, which includes 5 miles of 24 inch feeder transmission water main that satisfies the water needs of our village and comes directly from the City of Chicago into our pumping station facility.

The department also maintains a water pumping station, (1) one million gallon ground reservoir, and (1) 500,000 gallon elevated tower all of which are all located at 10934 S. Neenah.

In addition to many other tasks the department is also responsible for the clearing of snow from the village streets, cleaning of storm and sanitary sewers, maintenance of various public easements, alleys, (4) Metra Parking Lots, Municipal Boat Launch, maintenance of various public buildings and 2 miles of walking trail located along the Cal Sag Channel.

Annual Facility Inspection Reports

Water Conservation Measures

Sprinkling And Water Usage Regulations: During the period of May 15 to September 15 of each year no sprinkling
, soaking, watering of outdoor trees, grass, gardens, flowers and outdoor vegetation shall be permitted within the village or by persons receiving water from the village under contract, during the hours of twelve o'clock (12:00) noon and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. or on consecutive days. Outdoor vegetation less than three (3) months old is exempt from these regulations, subject to the property owner receiving written authorization from the village to temporarily water such outdoor vegetation in a manner necessary to provide the outdoor vegetation sufficient water during the first three (3) months of its existence.

Water & Sewer Billing

Water and sewer bills are mailed every month.The Village Hall accepts payment of water bills through cash, check, credit / debit cards, or electronic funds transfer. 

New Resident

Please register with the Water Department in the Village Hall prior to moving into your new residence.


Please contact the Water Department a week prior to your closing to set up an appointment for a final water reading. You will then be contacted once your final bill is ready to be paid. Please bring your current deed (the one you will be filing with Cook County, showing your full name as well as the buyer's full name) into the Village Hall to have a label from the Village of Worth affixed to it. There will also be a $100.00 fee for the water certification (Price subject to change). You need this document to bring with you to your closing. 


Properties that have the water bill paid by the association are exempt from getting a final water reading. However, your deed will need to have a label affixed to it, provided by the Village of Worth, prior to closing on the property. There is no charge for the label. Please email or fax (708) 448-1193 our water clerk with the following information to obtain the label: 


 -Property Address and unit number

 -Property Index Number (PIN)

 -Phone Number

 -Type of deed (Quit Claim, Judicial Sales, Warranty, In Lieu of Foreclosure, etc)

 -Specify if the label will be picked up or if you would prefer that it be mailed 

-Application for label for exempt properties

You may also visit the Cook County Recorder of Deeds website for additional information on getting your deed recorded.

Water Supply
The Village of Worth receives its water from the City of Chicago. The Village of Worth has its own pumping station located at the Public Works Department. Water is tested monthly for safe drinking standards. 

​Foreclosure Notices & Final Confirmation Sale Orders

Please mail bankruptcy notices, foreclosure notices, and final confirmation sale orders to the Village of Worth, located at 7112 W. 111th St. Worth, IL 60482.